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Share Your Genealogy Knowledge

Ever wonder what to do with all that genealogy knowledge you’ve learned along the way? How about writing it up and getting published? Here are a few publishing outlets to consider:

For articles:

  • Patriots of the American Revolution (Previously: Common Patriot) – a great magazine that covers the Revolutionary War period so if you have an ancestor who was in the Revolutionary War or who lived during that time, consider submitting something to them – website:
  • Family Tree Magazine – a magazine that genealogists everywhere are familiar with. 75% of their articles are written by freelance writers. The writer’s guidelines weren’t easy to find, but here they are:

For books:

  • Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. – has a comprehensive website that shows some of their currently published books. 99% of their books were unagented and about 10% of those were new authors. It was nearly impossible to find any guidelines for writers on the website, but per Writer’s Market, you can submit an outline and a sample chapter to the submission email at:, or if you want further information send an email to: website is:
  • Picton Press – 100% of books published were unagented and 50% were by first time authors. They publish genealogy and history books. The writer’s guidelines appear under “Read Our Guides” on their website at

Another thing you could consider is publishing on your own blog or creating a family newsletter to share your findings with interested family and friends.

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