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Quick LinkedIn widget sidebar

How I added the LinkedIn widget to my blog:

  • First I went here after a google search led me there
  • Then I went here and copied the html for my widget, very cool
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An appearance on Roots Television

I don’t know a lot about Roots Television yet, but am pleased that they chose a video from this blog to post on their facebook page on May 15th. I’ve pasted a visual on the page below. The video appears on Roots Television’s website.

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Found …

I found my great grandparents on my father’s mother’s side in the 1930 census – after a very prolonged search:

After searching for a few hours I found Martin and Bridget on the 1930 Census - note: though the search page says "8 matches in 4 items" - there was only one that with the Martin/Bridget combination (my great grandparents)

then I accessed the page and found the full 1930 census page 3b:

The 1930 census page where the Bowman ancestors were found - the thing that's interesting is Martin Bowman and his parents were all born in Massachusetts (I already knew that Bridget was born in Ireland, which is stated here on the census page)

I found this information during a short free period on I am convinced that there are other free sources of information that I should be able to access. Genealogy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. That may be something I might focus on in my research.


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An exploration of

One of the premier sites for genealogy is Monthly and yearly fees are quite high and are divided by the national searches and international searches (today’s rates are: annual US yearly membership – $155.40, annual world membership – $299.40, monthly US membership – $19.95, monthly world membership – $29.95). I wouldn’t consider putting out money for a subscription until I have substantial information to funnel into the program. 

subscription options

 I was, however, able to find the message boards Message Boards

Just a short exploration on the message boards took considerable time. It could be a good site to explore after I have gathered more family facts to use in my research.

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