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Grave Markers

I remember wandering through Ancestry and seeing the grave marker for one of my ancestors for the first time. When I traced the roots of the marker, I found it on Find A Grave. Someone had created a listing and posted the picture of the old stone on the site.

This occurred about the same time that I started to notice graveyards everywhere – most in placed that I never noticed before. As an amateur genealogist, I saw these now as not just curious roadside and churchyard places, but also as places that people could search for ancestors.

These stones are alternately called headstones, tombstones, grave markers, and memorials. I’m sure there are a few other names out there.

The net result was that I joined Find A Grave and began to photograph stones to help other genealogists find their ancestors. This was my way of giving back to others who had posted stones – my genealogy database now contains at least 20 stones of ancestors.

So, the last time I was on the site I clicked a local veteran’s cemetery and found that there were two requests for stone photos. I further noted that most of the service men and their spouses did not have photographs posted. So I began to photograph…

Remember those who served this country….

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Leo Francis Bowman, great uncle, was destroyed by PTSD after serving in WWI

Great uncle Leo, Dad’s uncle, served in WWI. He was a sweet-faced high school kid here:

Fighting in WWI destroyed him. After he came home, every loud noise sent him into a panic, and he would jump up from whereever he was and run into the woods. Eventually he was confined to the VA hospital:

How many young men were destroyed by WWI?

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