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A four-part series of note…

Henry Louis Gates has a four-part series on PBS right now called Faces of America – outstanding program that really makes you think. Even those who aren’t interested in genealogy could gain a lot of enjoyment from the series.

Faces of America on PBS

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First steps in genealogy

I went to my library and checked out two books (more on order):

Before I can interview anyone or do any further research, I need to learn a little bit about the topic.

Am wondering how I will ever be able to fill out one of these – and this one only exhibits the first steps:

Image from Trusty Guides Genealogy page by Allyson Wells

I was still worried about taking on such an extensive project, so I went to my favorite video site to see if there were any YouTube videos about genealogy. I stumbled upon a YouTube video about the new US series Who Do You Think You Are? (Canada has had its own version since 2006)

This looks like a fun series to watch and learn from – it starts in on March 5th. In the interim, I may just go check out episodes from the Canadian series Who Do You Think You Are?


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