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Zotero research tool

Working with Zotero was a little different from my perspective as I had played with it at the end of fall semester 2009. I didn’t put it to large-scale use, but only dabbled with it. As an existing user this semester, I had to figure out how to join the Core 2 group, which turned out to be pretty easy. Then I had to sync – this took some guesswork on my part – it didn’t work the first time I tried to sync, but did work on the second try. The tool to sync, which brings groups you belong to into your Zotero dashboard is a circular shaped arrow at the top right corner of the dashboard. 

Zotero displays in three different ways: 

Zotero Full Screen display

Zotero half screen display

Zotero available in the background, but only a link at the bottom right corner shows - one click opens Zotero in half screen mode

So, after I joined the group and saw that my icon was just a “Z” in a grey box, I realized that I still had to construct my profile. Fortunately, this task was fairly intuitive. After you are logged into Zotero you accomplish creating your profile by simply clicking on the settings tab. This will take you to a page where you can insert a photo, give your geographic location, your school affiliation, and write a short narrative about yourself. 

I recently used Zotero on a paper written for Nonfiction Seminar. It was easy to drag and drop the citations into my word document. After a few minor adjustments, my works cited section was created. Even though this tool was initially for use with Core 2, I have used it successfully for another class.



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