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What’s in a name?

When I got married … er, 27 years ago … I considered keeping my maiden name. I liked my name – it was part of me and part of my heritage.

Genealogy has opened my eyes to a whole world of names that are also part of me and my heritage. Here are a few names that have come up with my genealogy research: O’Brien, Jordan, Stearns, Brown, Diamond, Bowman, Bowerman, Kerrigan, Byrne, Colburn, Murdock, McMahon, Tydenman, Jaycox, Wing, Swift, Clifton, Dillingham, Smith, Dalrymple, McCarthy, Frazier, Stewart, Machias, LaGrave, Paine, Garwood, Minchinton, Cooke, Winterton, Therryn, Emighe … and on and on.

That puts a whole new spin on my inner turmoil about whether I should have kept my maiden name, doesn’t it? I don’t feel so conflicted anymore.


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