25 Nov

I wasn’t sure I understood people posting obituaries on Find A Grave … that is until recently.

As I discussed in last week’s post, I photograph headstones at local cemeteries (most recently at the Gloucester County veteran’s cemetery). When a person is not listed there, I create the memorial using information from the headstone that I’ve photographed. Then, as all good volunteers do, I search for the obituary on the New Jersey newspaper sites under obituaries to post with the stone.

Unfortunately, over time, the obituaries are archived. When that happens, when you do a search, most of the time you end up on a fee-based site where, if you pay, you can view the obituary. Now, I’m all for developing businesses and entrepreneurship, but I’m against paying a fee to view the obituary.

So, if you are a genealogist out there involved in services that post cemetery records, please do insert the obituary when available. People are more than the stone they leave behind, they had lives and loves and personalities, that only a good obituary can capture.

Now one might ask, why on earth do we do this? The first time you find the record of an ancestor’s burial, you will know the answer.

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