The giant time-suck

12 Feb

Now, using the term time-suck might imply that certain activities are a complete waste of time. Not so. In my world, a giant time-suck is something that you are enjoying so much that you forget time and may neglect other activities. For example, game playing. I currently have worked my way through the Heroes series and am now on Heroes V and eagerly await the publication of Heroes VI. When I play Heroes time flies. has now entered the realm of time-suck. Those little green leaves pop up everywhere and you feel compelled to see what’s there. Before you know it you find the page that shows all of the people in your tree who have hints (I have over 1,000). When you pull up a hint and deem it worthy to be attached to your tree, it begets more and more hints. Then when you see that some ancestors appear more than once in your tree (see my post about repetition), you feel compelled to correct things for hours. Thus begins the time-suck phenomenon. You end up hours later wondering how your pleasant evening bled into the next day at midnight or 1:00 am, all other responsibilities sizzling on the back burner.

Moral of the story: Set time limits for yourself, particularly in genealogy, or an activitiy can take over your life.

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Posted by on February 12, 2011 in random musings


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